A Unique Bridal Video


Posted July 29th, 2011 by Olga Kirnos with Comments Off on A Unique Bridal Video

“Kismet Se Milna” aka “A Chance Encounter”

A while back I got a call to do Make-Up & Hair for a unique Bridal Video Concept by Film Style Weddings – Wedding Cinematography + Photography.

The video was to be a surprise at the Reception event and tells the story of the couple and how they met through a composition of classical Bollywood songs.

There were 9 specific songs that were chosen according to the story they wanted to tell and we shot over a period of 5 days. Creating looks starting from Bollywood Cinema in the 1960’s to current looks. What made this project so special is the dedication and genuine charm the couple added to each of their performances, and that projected itself through the final visuals even more.

When the video was finally projected onto four large screens at their stunning Reception event, not even the couple got to see it before that very moment and the guests were cheering and clapping. When the video finished, the room went silent in anticipation and the newly married couple entered the room- talk about a grand entrance!

A unique and lovely idea for that very special day, check it out here:



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Written by Olga Kirnos

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