“What’s In It For Me?”


Posted May 9th, 2012 by Olga Kirnos with Comments Off on “What’s In It For Me?”

Getting under the surface of your daily products


What do we really put on when using every day consumables such as face wash, toner, moisturizer, shampoo, soap ect.? Do you know the answers? if you’re not sure, remember this and stay tuned to this blog section:


What we put on our skin, absorbs through every major organ in our body ten times more than what we put in our stomach.”

Working as an international Makeup Artist for the past six years, my clients always ask me;  “Which product would you suggest for my skin?”  “Which product is good?”  and the answers, of course, vary as the people who ask. But- a few basics remain the same- we all deserve product safety and benefits without harmful consequences.


After attending some very inspiration expert lectures, I’ve decided to dedicated a blog section specifically for the subject of skin care and consumable product knowledge. I’ll also be regularly hosting FREE get-togethers for those who are interested to know more (including cosmetics) and also explore amazing work opportunities in my Health & Wellness business.

** For a list of group session dates and/or to book your FREE one on one consultation with me, contact at olga@olgakirnos.com. SPACES AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT MAY, please RSVP**







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Written by Olga Kirnos

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