Prosthetics Make Up

Prosthetics Make Up


Posted October 31st, 2010 by Olga Kirnos with Comments Off on Prosthetics Make Up

Character Make Up

Starting off as a traditional artist, I began my Make Up career with a similar passion towards Theatrical and Film Make Up. Gradually expending my work range into the field of Fashion, I still really enjoy a special occasion to “get my hands dirty” and create something unusual.

Today I got a fun opportunity to recreate the Character of Voldamort from the movie “Harry Potter”.

After the initial prep work of the face & hair, I applied a cap to create a smooth “bald head” effect, which would also serve as the base for the Prosthetic Nose piece to be applied after.

When applying Bald caps and / or prosthetic pieces, it is crucial to pay attention to the edges of the pieces in order to create an authentic flow and texture so that the pieces look like a continuation of the face itself.

After smoothing out my edges, I used various Cream & Alcohol based products to create gradual texturing of the skin as well as contouring, depth and highlights to give a genuine form to the character. Lastly creating different thickness veins and blending overall.

And here is the final result!

A photo progression of the application; from the initial Prep work, to the Bald Cap application, the prosthetic nose piece and the final layering and texturing of the skin tones:

(Prosthetic Nose piece created by good friend & Prosthetics Artist, Trason Fernandez)

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