MiA BelleZZa Cosmetics

MiA BelleZZa Cosmetics


Posted April 22nd, 2011 by Olga Kirnos with Comments Off on MiA BelleZZa Cosmetics

Pro Artist Palette Review-

MiA BelleZZa Spring / Summer Collection

Earlier this year I was approached by MiA BelleZZa Cosmetics, a unique Mineral Cosmetics Company founded by Rita Patel, to create the new MiA BelleZZa Spring / Summer Collection Campaign Ad.

I received the MiA BelleZZa Pro Artist Palette soon after and had a chance to try a variety of their products. The Pro Artist Palette has 16 Mineral Pressed & Multidimensional Eye Shadows, 4 Blush Colors and 2 Lip Rouge shades.

The variety of colors is so well assembled that I actually didn’t know with which one I wanted to start. The Pro Artist Palette has got all the basics covered; right from the essential matte colors (that I always recommend) to warm tones ranging from gold, peach, pink, velvet and green to cooler tones of silver, blues, purples and grey. It also has a lovely variety of warm Blush and Lip Rogue colors.

The eyeshadows come in Matte form, Shimmery and Frosted. Trying out each color they all apply smoothly without exception and had a great color intensity. These shadows can also be applied both dry or wet, transforming them into liners.

Apart from the variety of colors, what makes this palette a great addition to any Makeup Kit, whether professional or personal usage is that these eyeshadows consist of a none-drying formula, they are Hypoallergenic, Crease Resistant and Mineral oil free. Containing Vitamins C & E that condition and protect the eyelids.

The Lip Rogue shades are fortified with exclusive Collagen Tripeptide Complex, an anti-aging powerhouse that stimulates collagen production to help reduce visible signs of aging. With Color Wear Complex, a patent pending technology that helps suspend pigments to create a soft cushion, comfort and long-lasting wear. Instantly re-hydrates lips for a plumper, smoother, fuller appearance.

Like the Mineral Eyeshadows, The Lip Rogue is also Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, Oil free, Dye free and contain ingredients with powerful antioxidant vitamins A, C & E.

Pro Artist Makeup Palette


And if that is not enough, here are a few more facts to consider:

– Mineral Makeup allows the skin to breathe and does not contain any preservatives that cause pores to clog.

– Mineral Makeup foundation lasts longer on skin than traditional makeup as it continues to absorb moisture all day long.

– Natural color pigments in mineral cosmetics are much more intense, resulting in less product usage for an application.

– Mineral makeup does not contain any moisture, therefore bacteria does not form.

Some of the MiA BelleZZa products that do have a shorter shelf life, have expiration dates printed on the packaging. Usually 12 months.

*Overall, I highly recommended MiA BelleZZa Mineral cosmetics and suggest to try their variety of products*


A Career in Make Up


Posted September 10th, 2010 by Olga Kirnos with Comments Off on A Career in Make Up

How to make it as a Professional Make Up Artist?

Working as a professional Make Up Artist for several years, I started freelancing in Canada as a Film & TV Make Up Artist, working on commercials, TV series’ & Feature Film Productions. Later on expanding my work into the Fashion & Film Industries in India.

Within the past twelve months of working in India, I’ve had the chance to collaborate with some of Indian’s top Photographers & Fashion Magazines doing Print Ads, Campaigns, Calendar Shoots, Magazine Covers and Spreads.

I contribute my progress to a few basic and essential work ethics that I follow and advice new comers who wish to become a part of this fast paced industry.


To make it means to be busy. My four tips of becoming a busy Make Up Artist are these:

1- Be Passionate

Passion & Profession go hand in hand. First and foremost when choosing this line of work be sure that this is the career choice you are passionate to follow and invest in.

Working in the Fashion Industry requires a 100% commitment to face the challenges that such an industry may present. Your passion for your line of work will determine how you will face all the other steps that, in my opinion, are required to become a successful professional.

It is also fundamentally expressed through one’s work quality, range of versatility and creativity, which are key elements of working in this line.

2- Do Your Research

Keep your finger on the pulse- if you choose such a versatile line of work you have to do your homework.

Never feel that your cup is full and there is nothing left to learn, this is when you will stop growing and eventually sabotage your own progress. Whether observing other professionals, experimenting with products or simply browsing all the fashion magazines you can get your hands on, there is an endless source of knowledge to observe and absorb.

Good knowledge & research of the industry will also help you understand how to create the right portfolio and approach the right clients.

3- Learn & Practice

“Practice Makes Perfect”. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, play around & experiment with different ideas, techniques & styles.

This will not only contribute to your versatility but also your ability to improvise on the spot and be well prepared for any creative challange.

Criticize your work to understand what you can improve on and compliment yourself on job well done. Be confident and open minded because there is no one right way to follow except to posses a positive attitude.

4- Stay Pro-Active

Always strive to improve. A good approach to maintain is to keep in mind that you are not competing with anyone- you are only competing with yourself to do better than your last performance.

Innovating yourself is a must if you choose to work as a freelancer like I did, you should never have nothing to do. Improving your skills is something that has to be followed persistently whether it’s your product knowledge, portfolio or simply interaction in person, there is always something that you should be doing.

It’s important to remember there is a direct relationship between your output and your input. Between your efforts to the amount of work that follows.

Olga Kirnos

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Magazine Photoshoot


Posted August 8th, 2010 by Olga Kirnos with Comments Off on Magazine Photoshoot

Backstage with Jacqueline Fernandez

Former Miss Sri Lanka, Jacqueline Fernandez, landed her first major role as “Jasmine” in Sujoy Gosh’s “Aladin”. Starring along side Bollywood icon Amitabh Bhachchan (“Genius”) and Ritesh Deshmukh (“Aladin”).

I had the opportunity to work with Jacqueline on a Magazine Cover Photoshoot for “Mega Modelz” Magazine in Mumbai followed by an Article & Interview spread about her successful career path.

We did several looks with Jackie, starting from a Natural Make Up look to Darker Smokey Eye look and wrapped with an all time classic Cat Eye Liner & Red Lips Look for the Cover Print.

** Tips & Products:

TIP #1 Jackie has a flawless skin and to emphasize it lightly I used “Make Up Forever” HD Liquid Foundation.

Tip #2 To create a dramatic Smokey Eye effect I used “M.A.C” “Blacktrack Fluidline” Gel Liner, great workability for smudging and blending.

Tip #3Lastly- to bring out Jackie’s Classic Red Lips look, I used “Dior” “Rogue” Red Lipstick.

Celebrity: Jacqueline Fernandez

Chief Editor: Atul Pandey

Photography: Pravin Talan

Make Up & Hair: Olga Kirnos


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