Custom Mixx Makeup

Custom Mixx Makeup


Posted January 17th, 2012 by Olga Kirnos with Comments Off on Custom Mixx Makeup

So here it is- the exciting news I’ve been waiting to share with everyone. I always make it a point to recommend products that I have a great experience working with, and after having worked with this new line of products, I’m very excited to Introduce Mixx Pro Cosmetics, a new Makeup line by Makeup Artists for Makeup artists.


Here’s the scoop:

Mixx Pro Makeup products are sold in Pro Kits which are available for certified Makeup Artists and working professional Makeup Artists. There are two Pro Kits, a Mixx Pro Foundation kit and a Mixx Pro Lip Gloss kit. Altogether, the Pro kits provide foundations, transformers, pigments, frosts and toners to create endless possibilities of foundation shades, bronzer intensities, concealer shades in various consistencies and lip glosses from long wear to sheer consistencies.With new products and pigments releasing on a monthly basis.


Why is this so awesome?

If the idea of mixing your own endless variety of shades and custom products isn’t exciting enough, just think how far you can run with this concept.

Makeup Artists that purchase these kits will be able to custom blend any variety of products to sell to their clients during shoots, demos, bridal bookings and/or kitty parties. Not only making 300% profit in retail sales but also build their own following of clients who will be able to get their exact favorite product every time they order back. This is an invaluable tool for freelance Makeup artists in many ways.


My review of the products:

With the foundation, a little product goes a long way and feels like air on your skin. It’s light, sheers and has excellent coverage. Most importantly it’s oil free, talc free, fragrance free and non-comedogenic which means your skin can breathe! Making it an especially good product for sensitive skin. The foundations also contains an SPF 8 and are 11% pigmented, compared to the average store bough foundations that are only 6-7% pigmented!

The pigment toners are also talc free and do not turn your foundation into a chalky dull shade. The illuminizer creates beautiful silky finish when added to a foundation, whether for a pearl-like effect or for creating your own custom blend bronzers. The lip glosses are very moisturizing and nursing and last up to 8 hours, which makes them a great choice for long-wear occasions.


What do you get in a pro kit?

The Pro Lip Gloss Kit includes:

Ten Lip gloss bases, seven shades of pigments and five shades of dye-free frosts.

Lips bases include three types: Long Wear Base, Gloss Base and High Shine Sheer Base. The Long Wear Base is made of a rich blend of nut oils (Caranuba & Candellia) as well as Shea butter and Aloe extract. The Gloss Base is made with a rich blend of nut oils (Macadamia) with a sheer “Patent leather” high shine finish. And the High Shine Sheer Base is made with a smooth blend of Jojoba seed oil, vitamin E and pear extract.


The Pro Foundation Kit includes:

Six foundation shades, one transformer toner, one pigment toner and one Illuminizer pigment toner.

There are many more additives and modifiers and extra shades available to keep expending your basic kit with, allowing you to mix a huge variety of foundation shades, concealers, pearlized foundations and amazing liquid bronzers! You can also purchase a unique thickener fluid that transforms your foundation mix into a concealer.


*All kits come with mixing tools and storage containers such as lip gloss wand tubes for the lip kit and foundation / bronzer bottles and concealer jars for the foundation kit. Both kits come with client cards and labels.


Some Extras!:

These products are currently not available in India but will be available exclusively through me in India during the months of January to April 2012 and then April onwards across Canada.

If you are interested in a makeup lesson (professional or personal Makeup), a trial or a booking during these months and for more information including a list of available products and pricing (Pro Kit or retail), contact me at






“Labour of Love” Creative Make-Up


Posted September 8th, 2011 by Olga Kirnos with Comments Off on “Labour of Love” Creative Make-Up

These past few weeks have been full of creative variety; From doing Bridal bookings to Photoshoots, an Illustration Project, some Body Art and to wrap it up- a Funky Make-Up booking over the weekend for “The Labour of Love” 2-day event at The Guvernment Night Club in Toronto.

The first day of the event had a Red, White & Silver “Star” theme. A large star design on one side with a Glittering frame and contrasting eye shadows.

The second day had a Bright Green “Amazon Cat” theme. One side of the face was turned into a Leopard design with a touch of UV Glowing Make-Up for the Leopard Prints.


Check out the full album on my Facebook Fan Page at: 


A Glam Bollywood Makeover


Posted September 6th, 2011 by Olga Kirnos with Comments Off on A Glam Bollywood Makeover

Breathe Dream Go

Writer Mariellen Ward has been running a wonderful Blog called “Breathe Dream Go”, writing about Spirituality, Yoga, Culture and Travel across India.

To mark the very special two year anniversary of her Blog project, we recently did a “Glam Bollywood Makeover” Photoshoot with Photographer Andrew Adams (Katha Images).

Make sure to check out her Blog and recent entry about the Photoshoot experience.


“I wanted to find out what I would have to go through, and how I would look, after a “Bollywood” transformation. It all started…..” (read more)







A Unique Bridal Video


Posted July 29th, 2011 by Olga Kirnos with Comments Off on A Unique Bridal Video

“Kismet Se Milna” aka “A Chance Encounter”

A while back I got a call to do Make-Up & Hair for a unique Bridal Video Concept by Film Style Weddings – Wedding Cinematography + Photography.

The video was to be a surprise at the Reception event and tells the story of the couple and how they met through a composition of classical Bollywood songs.

There were 9 specific songs that were chosen according to the story they wanted to tell and we shot over a period of 5 days. Creating looks starting from Bollywood Cinema in the 1960’s to current looks. What made this project so special is the dedication and genuine charm the couple added to each of their performances, and that projected itself through the final visuals even more.

When the video was finally projected onto four large screens at their stunning Reception event, not even the couple got to see it before that very moment and the guests were cheering and clapping. When the video finished, the room went silent in anticipation and the newly married couple entered the room- talk about a grand entrance!

A unique and lovely idea for that very special day, check it out here:


Make-Up Artist Magazine / Issue 90


Posted May 11th, 2011 by Olga Kirnos with Comments Off on Make-Up Artist Magazine / Issue 90

“Destination Make-Up”

It’s out! Make-Up Artist Magazine May-June Issue #90 is finally here!

And I’m excited to share that my interview & article have been published in their annual Make-Up Around the World segment: Destination Make-Up”.

Please check out my article written by Keith Loria on Page 44.

**Also take a quick look at my Body Art Image on the “Content Page”, left of Johnny and his Pirates of The Caribbean snap!

Body Art Image shot by Nick Perks / Visual Vault.

A copy of the article text below;


Olga Kirnos

Finding film and fashion work across India

Olga Kirnos was drawn to make-up artistry after watching a

live body-art painting performance in her native Canada.

“After researching make-up institutes and career options, it was

very clear to me that it was the perfect route to practice my love for

the creative,” she said. “I initially started out as a traditional artist

and also worked as a graphic illustrator. Becoming a professional

make-up artist was a process of evolvement from one field to another.”

Kirnos graduated from Complections International Makeup Academy

in Toronto, and took private classes in airbrush make-up and body art.

Initially she worked on various projects to round out her skills and help

her decide which direction to pursue.

“I really enjoy challenging transformation assignments when a

character has to be created or recreated using prosthetic and hair

appliances , from character design and preparation to the final

application process,” she said. “Placing and layering all the pieces

together, blending them out seamlessly and then applying colors

and texture to bring the character to life is definitely one of my

favorite make-up procedures.”

Nearly two years ago, Kirnos left Canada to work as a make-up

artist in India.

“I work mostly out of New Delhi and Mumbai and though there

are some differences between the overall working environment

of these cities, with New Delhi being more fashion-oriented and

Mumbai being more film-oriented, both are very fast-paced and

dynamic,” she said.

“There are many good work opportunities but you need to keep

a constant finger on the pulse and understand the industry before

starting out. Research and proper marketing are definitely key

factors in getting the right kind of work and exposure.”

Kirnos recently served as a personal make-up artist to the lead actor

in a Bollywood film project. She followed that with a photo shoot

for GQ, then returned to New Delhi to complete a shoot for Maxim.

“I love the versatility and the dynamic lifestyle that working as

an international make-up artist involves,” she said. “For the

past several years, I have been traveling often on international

assignments, working in different environments with casts and

crews from various backgrounds. It has been a rewarding

experience both professionally and personally.”

– Keith Loria


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