Captain America Body Art

Captain America Body Art


Posted July 22nd, 2011 by Olga Kirnos with Comments Off on Captain America Body Art

Captain America Body Painting Photoshoot

This week I got to do one of the most fun Photoshoots I have done in awhile, a Body Painting shoot to mark the release of the highly anticipated movie “Captain America , The First Avenger” this Friday, July 22, 2011.

I started out as a traditional artist and my passion for painting evolved into Body Art and Make-Up artistry, so when I got the opportunity to work on this shoot, I was excited to pull out my painting gear. What made the project even better was the fact that all the Body Paint supplies were sponsored by one of my absolute favorite Make-Up companies, Make Up For Ever. (To me this is the equivalent of a kid allowed loose inside a candy store!)  

Working with reference is very important, both to plan out the execution of the application and to stay visually organized during the process and save time. I made a few sketches to draw ideas from both the Marvel Comic book version and the movie versions of Captain America. I took note of the elements and colors of the costume and planned out my final look.

I started out by outlining the shapes of the suit on the model, measuring the sizes and balancing out the placement of lines. After I got the outlines in place, I filled in the shapes with a base color layer using the Cream Color in pump form by Make Up For Ever. I used a combination of colors to create the right tones. The Make Up For Ever Cream Color applies very smoothly with one brush stroke and stays wet and workable for awhile which allows very easy blending without streaking or removing previous layers of color.

When the Cream Color dries, it’s still workable but it doesn’t stay too creamy and this allows going over it with other paints and creating highlights, shadows and shapes easily, without blending colors into the previous layer of paint.

Once the first color layers were in place, I started to create the 3d effect of the suit by highlighting and contouring the muscles and the elements of the suit. I used the Flash Color Pots by Make Up For Ever and different thickness brushes, I started to create elements of light and shadow. I started with thicker Royal & Langnickel Foundation brushes to create larger effects of 3d and then I went in with medium sized concealer brushes to create smaller more detailed effects of light and shadow and finally I touched up all the small details with fine liner brushes, creating thin hints of shadow and touches of light reflection across the suit.

If you haven’t tried them yet, I highly recommend trying Make Up For Ever‘s Body Painting materials available at Sephora stores.


Photographer: Nick Perks (

Body Art: Olga Kirnos

Model: Ed Isaac of Ford Models NY

Product Sponsor: Make Up For Ever


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Glitter Body Art


Posted January 19th, 2011 by Olga Kirnos with Comments Off on Glitter Body Art

Unique Glitter Body Art Designs

I provide an exclusive form of Glitter body art. A unique addition to a Wedding day, a Gala, a Special Event or a Photoshoot.

This dazzling form of Glitter Body Art originated on the Catwalks of Europe’s Top Fashion shows. Intended to provide models with long-lasting Body Art designs.

I started providing Glitter Body Art in Canada several years ago, having worked with over several hundreds of clients, I now provide this exclusive Body Art across India, by special order.

Each design is custom made and then applied freehand. Using FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved materials. It is also waterproof and with careful care it can last for up to two weeks.

Available in a variety of over 30+ vibrant colors & 10 UV (Ultra Violet Light) colors.

Here are some examples of previous work:

For more Body Art work, please visit my portfolio page at:

For inquiries & orders please contact:

or fill the following form at:


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